Welcome to the 2022 DSA Staff Retreat!

This year's retreat will feature exciting new social and professional development programs that are designed to forge connection and drive our commitment to lead, learn and serve within the campus community.

The theme for the 2022 Retreat is Built To Last: Embracing Rutgers in the Brick City

Built to Last student affairs 2022 retreat logo

As one of the leading historic locations in the Northeast, the city of Newark is rich in cultural influence. It speaks of a history that has seen decades of radical change. From the economic and social trials of the last century to the budding reformation we see today, Newark continues to stand strong.

Student Affairs, like the city of Newark, are built to last. We provide the foundation blocks that allow students to not only take charge but excel within their academic pursuits. Even during the pandemic, the Division of Student Affairs illustrated a foundation of strength that allowed us to take care of our students, while taking care of one another. This theme intertwines the perseverance and strength of the Division with the city that we call home.

Previous Award Winners

2022 Division of Student Affairs Retreat Committee

Casaundra Pagan, Co-Chair

Wenylla Reid, Co-Chair

Hend El Buri

Kelsey Dunne

Conor Kortmann

Benjamin McCardell

Monica Cuello Natera