Rutgers-Newark Athletics & Recreation

The mission of the Rutgers-Newark Department of Athletics and Recreation is to provide University constituencies, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community at-large with a diverse range of programs and activities to enhance the overall quality of life and participation in the “Rutgers Experience”.

The department mission supports the Rutgers-Newark tradition of providing a “first-rate education to students of modest means, to first-generation college attendees, and to students of diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.” The program addresses the varied interests of constituents participating in intercollegiate competition, practices, and instruction as well as social and tournament play.

The Rutgers-Newark intercollegiate athletics program gives undergraduate students an opportunity to participate and represent their institution in competition while providing all constituencies the chance to witness and support on-campus events. The athletics program provides the campus community with a high degree of visibility, enhancing the stature of the institution and its programs while conducting affairs within the moral and ethical principles of the University and the spirit of fair play. Rutgers-Newark is committed to providing its student-athletes with qualified professionals and facilities to support their athletic endeavors, and experienced educational support to enhance their academic progress, regardless of sport or gender. The department places the welfare of the student above any consideration, with the primary concern being the overall development of the participant, leading to the completion of a degree.

The Rutgers-Newark recreation program offers a multitude of programs designed to encourage participation and enhance individual health, wellness and overall quality of life. The programs and activities offered are designed to enhance institutional and community relationships, emphasizing the educational, health, social and recreational values of individual and competitive sports.

Athletics facilities, utilized by varsity sports and recreation, are available to all members of the Rutgers community. The facilities complement the diversified program offerings. Rutgers-Newark pledges to provide its constituencies modern facilities and equipment in sufficient numbers that conform to optimum standards for health and safety.

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