Welcome to the Dining Program at Rutgers University-Newark

Gourmet Dining

Our core mission is to serve high quality, authentic foods through interactive dining programs and community events utilizing the most recent trends in campus dining, all while showcasing our dedication to exceptional customer service. Additionally, being a New Jersey business, we’ve partnered with many local vendors to help bring our customers the freshest available ingredients. Rutgers Dining features a wide variety of wholesome and delicious menu selections that support the local economy, celebrate the diversity of the campus and promote sustainability.

Offering a wide variety of food choices across Rutgers Newark Campus, Gourmet Dining provides the service of a full time registered dietitian to meet the needs of students and faculty with dietary needs ranging from allergies, diabetes, religious preferences, sick meals, and even picky eaters.

Please feel free to contact us with your feedback, ideas, comments and concerns.

Gourmet Dining

Brian Conway, Resident District Manager | bconway@gourmetdiningllc.com | Cell: 973-901-2528