Deion Session

Intercultural Resource Center

The space showed to true meaning of what intersectionality truly means to me and a lot of what they provided for me will always stick with me.

Harrison Chiu

Harrison Chiu


The CARE team represents this holistic and personal approach to student well-being.


Michelle Hamer

Office of Disability Services

My main goals were to complete my graduate program with honors and it wasn’t until I spoke ODS that I realized what rights and protections I have as a person with Health conditions.

Cristian Alvarez

Cristian Alvarez

LGBTQ+ Student Services

​LGBTQ+ Student Services has truly been my home away from home at Rutgers-Newark. From being able to attend events such as the Drag Show and Q-Chats to hanging out in the Pride Lounge in between classes, I have always felt safe and seen.

Christopher Dela Pena

Christopher Dela Pena

Health Promotion Division

Being a part of HPD allowed me to pick up a wide variety of skills and gave me full knowledge of the services under Health and Wellness.

Sarah Shobut

Sarah Shobut

Title IX

Being a student who is passionate about raising awareness and addressing interpersonal violence, I’ve worked closely with the Office of Title IX and ADA Compliance

female student

Michelle Baptista


Throughout my three years of working at the Pantry RUN as an undergraduate, I served the Rutgers community and did my part by helping the food insecurity on campus, which is an issue that is slowly diminishing on campus by providing food and resources.

male student with arms crossed

Rocky Manghani

Office of Student Life and Leadership

OSLL promotes such a welcoming environment and means to make a tangible change on campus, I was able to serve RU-N, its students, and my own growth more than I ever hoped.

female student with blue blazer

Tirtha Pandya

Office of New Student and Family Programs

Through my involvement in The Office Of New Student and Family Programs while mentoring the students, I have been learning many new skills that provide me with a very good opportunity to grow as a human being and learn new life skills everyday, which I’m sure will be helpful in my coming future.

Mi Hyun Yoon

Mi Hyun Yoon

Housing and Residence Life

The Office of Housing and Residence Life plays an integral role in supporting students on the Newark campus