Angelica Ocasio

Angelica Ocasio

Health Services

My role within Student Affairs has given me the opportunity to build meaningful connections, improve my leadership skills, and contribute to creating a healthier and safer environment for all students.

Rebecca Vera

Rebecca Vera

Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance

I thought that my recovery life and my academic life couldn’t mix, but I’m so grateful for the Collegiate Recovery community at Rutgers Newark.

Erika Martinez

Erika Martinez

Undocumented Student Services

As an undocumented person, I have and continues to advocate

female student

Ana Calderon

Undocumented Student Services

I will always be thankful for the amount of support this institution has given me during my three years as an undergraduate student. 

female student with black rutgers hoodie

Ciara Guzman Walker

Office of Community Standards and Student Development

Through my role as a member, I became an Honor Council chief and served as a leader for my community, which encouraged me to work on my interpersonal and communicative skills with my members.

female student with purple shirt

Rafeya Rahman

Health Promotion Division

Through being a member of HPD, I learned how to better understand and connect with my peers, giving back to our vibrant RU-N community.

rutgers newark alumna

Elise Leight

Women's History Month Spotlight

RU-N Alumna, Class of 2008

“Use your voice,” she says, “let people see who you are and what makes you different,” because employers are often looking for the skills and perspectives that they don’t have on their teams.

VC Thomas

Vice Chancellor Corlisse Thomas

Rutgers-Newark Student Affairs

I’d like our students to feel that their experience at RU-N has directly influenced and developed them into who they will be after they leave the university. I’d like the RU-N experience to help students make their mark on the world.

Women from rutgers newark

Khaleya Kelly

Women's History Month Spotlight

RU-N Student, Class of 2022

“Find your place here. Don’t let others dictate how you progress through life. Do it for yourself, not anyone else.” 


Deion Session

Intercultural Resource Center

The space showed to true meaning of what intersectionality truly means to me and a lot of what they provided for me will always stick with me.