Michelle Hamer

Office of Disability Services

My main goals were to complete my graduate program with honors and it wasn’t until I spoke ODS that I realized what rights and protections I have as a person with Health conditions.

Bio:  My name is Michelle Hamer, and I am a non-traditional student who completed both my undergraduate and graduate degree with SPAA at Rutgers University-Newark . 

About the Office:  Halfway through the graduate program, I called the ODS office to inquire about extra help for SPAA students with course subjects and ask questions about in-patient hospital stays and receiving a few more hours and or days to complete an assignment without penalty.  It was at this point the representative explain to me that students with disabilities have certain rights and are protected with regards to a certain request for extra help or assistance. All students reentering school don't always know what is available to them to help aid in navigation college life! Had I not made a call searching for help and answers I would have never known that the college offers students with disabilities assistance and explain to them their rights as a student on campus. I salute Mr.Altamirano, Allen, and the Team of the ODS office!!! I couldn't have made it without you!!