Assatta Mann

Assatta Mann

Office of Student Life and Leadership

Through my involvement in campus student life as an undergraduate, I was able to serve in multiple leadership roles, build lifelong skills, and cultivate a network greater than I could have imagined. 

Harsh Patel

Harsh Patel

Office of International Student and Scholar Services (OISS)

Orientation programs and social events organized by the OISS are beneficial in learning and experiencing the student culture at Rutgers.

image of female student with red sweater

Joshnelly Orbe

Intercultural Resource Center

Through my experiences, I feel that being an active student leader on campus is crucial during your college experience to ensure that you take full advantage of your time at Rutgers University-Newark. All we have is the present, so take full advantage of the opportunities around you!

female veteran student

Francisca Pulgar Tapia

Office of Veteran Affairs

The knowledgeable staff and the student veterans provide great patronage and a sense of camaraderie; it's the family and guidance you need.

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Kaylen Lane

Career Development Center

The word career definitely used to scare me, and I know it scares a lot of other people, but at the CDC we provide personalized assistance that doesn’t overwhelm the students.

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Umang Jain

Office of International Student Services

OISS has always helped me and makes a great effort to educate international students on how to maintain their legal status.

Women from rutgers newark

Hope Davis

Women's History Month Spotlight

RU-N Student, Class of 2023

“Figure out your why, and have gratitude for what you have in life.”

Tiffany Moreno, RU-N Alumna, Class of 2018 Headshot

Tiffany Moreno

RU-N Alumna, Class of 2018

"My most memorable experience with the Center is when we attended the Creating Change conference in Philadelphia. The conference created an elevated platform for my own personal and professional growth, while still giving myself and others the space to build new relationships and create long-lasting memories. Without a doubt, the Center has both created and extended a sense of warmth and community that can’t be found anywhere else."

Eren Kahyaoglu

Eren Kahyaoglu

Office of Student Life and Leadership

Being a part of the Sophomore Experience journey has empowered me with the tools to positively impact my college life and beyond.

Manish George

Manish George

Dining Services

Gourmet Dining gave me a support system to help me make my dream a reality.