Hope Davis

Women's History Month Spotlight
Women from rutgers newark

RU-N Student, Class of 2023

“Figure out your why, and have gratitude for what you have in life.”

RU-N junior Hope Davis and her twin sister, Faith, enrolled at RU-N following a strong family Rutgers tradition.  Her grandmother is a Rutgers-Newark alumna, and her brother and mother attended Rutgers-New Brunswick.  Hope is a Psychology major from Sparta, NJ, and a member of RU-N’s varsity women’s soccer team.  The busy life of a student-athlete is a challenge she enjoys.  Hope smiles when talking about her love of soccer, stating that her best experience at RU-N has been watching “the art of sports” and experiencing the adrenalin rush on the field.  She played soccer throughout high school, and describes how tearing her ACL back then planted the seed for her career aspiration to become a Physical Therapist.  Hope remembers being sidelined from the game she loves and spending nine long months in physical therapy to repair the injury. Two of her therapists, she says, kept her motivated and working toward her recovery.  Hope plans to do exactly that for her patients one day.  She likes helping people learn how to meet their goals and wants to devote herself to helping people succeed. 

Hope describes her mother as her role model explaining that her mother taught her that she could be whatever she wants to be.  “There’s so much power in being a woman,” she says, describing the impact of women’s advances and how much she learned from recently reading soccer superstar Carli Lloyd’s bestselling book.  When asked what her advice would be to other students, Hope says, “Figure out your why, and have gratitude for what you have in life.”

Describing a bright future ahead, Hope dreams of becoming a physical therapist and a personal trainer, living in an urban area, having a family, and, most of all, she wants to be happy and able to live every day, in the moment.  She wants to be an inspiration to others. 

Hope, we think you already are!