Health Promotion Division

At Health Promotion Division (HPD), we make wellness easier! Through peer education, wellness coaching, and advocacy, our department cultivates a culture of well-being and social justice by promoting a supportive environment where students thrive. Our mission in prevention is accomplished “By Students, For Students,” to ensure that everything we address is representative of our RU-N community. Join us at our events, performances, and outreaches, schedule to meet with a peer wellness coach, and visit our office to pick up FREE tools and tips to support YOU in prioritizing your wellness today.     

Student Feature

female student with purple shirt

Rafeya Rahman

Health Promotion Division

Through being a member of HPD, I learned how to better understand and connect with my peers, giving back to our vibrant RU-N community.


Contact Us

(In Person) Office Hours, Monday - Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Virtual Meetings are available by scheduling an appointment. Follow us: Instagram and Tiktok: @hpd4run | Raiderlink & Handshake