Helping you make smart food choices with long-term health benefits.

Diet can mean many things to many people. Sometimes it’s about counting calories. Other times, it’s about dealing with food allergies or making healthier choices.

At Rutgers University–Newark, we look at the full picture, since what you eat not only affects your health but how well you study, too. Making good dietary choices can benefit you in the classroom and for a lifetime.

Dietitian Services

Our experienced dietitian will work with you to develop strategies to your diet and improve your health and wellness, delivering nutrition and education support for many health issues, including:

  • Managing weight
  • Healthy eating
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Food allergies

Gourmet Dining at Rutgers University–Newark also provides free, accurate nutrition and health information in multiple formats:

  • Individual & group nutrition coaching/counseling
  • Guidance for food allergies, dietary restrictions, and other special dietary needs
  • Nutrition education events in the dining hall & on campus 
  • Guest presentations and team lectures 
  • Dietary advisory boards 
  • Diet & menu nutrition analysis 

You are welcome to speak with Jennifer Bostedo, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, at any of our on-campus events or to schedule an individual consultation. Schedule an appointment with our dietitian by emailing her at 


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