The deadline to submit all exam requests for the Fall 2023 semester, including final exams is November 27, 2023 at 11:59pm. Don’t miss out! Submit your requests now.

Students Approved for Accommodations

The following information is only intended if you have already been approved for accommodations by the Rutgers University Office of Disability Services. 

ODS recognizes that your needs may evolve over time or vary from course to course. Contact your coordinator immediately if you encounter a barrier not addressed by your current accommodations or have questions. If you plan to transfer to another campus within Rutgers-University, please contact your coordinator so they can connect you with a coordinator on your new campus. 

Below are links to request accommodations and procedures for the accommodations at Rutgers-Newark. Unless otherwise noted, you must submit these for each course every semester and/or as needed. Students in Law School need to follow the processes specific to Law Students.  Follow up with your coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.   

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