One of the first steps in becoming a leader is figuring out how to plan successful gatherings, and Event Services can help you coordinate your event. To schedule an event for your student organization or group, start following these steps, and reach out if you’re feeling stuck.

Reserve the Right Room

15 Washington Street Front Street Level
Event Services > Event Spaces

Venue Information

Browse information about our different venues, including the Paul Robeson Campus Center, 15 Washington Street, and Express Newark.

Reserve the right room
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Reserve the Right Room

Then take the size of your group or your audio-visual requirements into account, such as a projector or a podium, and use our filtered search system to find the room that suits your needs.

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Event Services > Event Pricing

Event Pricing

Pricing, fees, and rates for rooms, equipment, and staffing within the Office of Reservations & Special Events. 

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Unless you’re meeting is short or everyone’s brown-bagging it, you’ll need to figure out how to feed the crowd. Rutgers University–Newark has an online catering system so you can set up in advance.

Woodward Hall Living Space
Event Services > Conference Housing>

Conference Housing

For larger events, you’ll need to consider where your guests will stay. The university is centrally located, and you can also offer housing in suites and apartments within our residence halls.

Read the Fine Print
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The Fine Print

Cross those t's and dot those i's! Review all the policies for the Office of Reservations and Special Events.

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Reimbursement and Accounting

If you incur any expenses while planning your on-campus event, hang on to your receipts so you can submit them to your organization. This record-keeping will pay off in the long run. 

Get Help With Your Event

We know the campus better than anyone!   Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Office of Reservations and Special Events

Office of Reservations and Special Events
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