Counseling Center

Our mission is to serve you and to advocate for collegiate mental health across campus. We provide an affirming space where you can work to achieve a sense of well-being that maximizes your potential.

But we aren’t stopping there. We commit to grow in our awareness and strengthen our competence to promote a culture of care, wellness, and acceptance for all within the RU–N community — including you. Interested? Make an appointment today.

What We Offer

We can connect you with one-on-one counseling, support groups, psychiatric care, and online resources. All services are free and confidential.

Our Counseling & Psychiatric Services


Concerned About Someone Else?

Please let us know if you are worried about a friend. We are also available to consult with faculty and staff about concerns they may have about their students. Give our office a call, or reach out to our Campus Awareness Response and Education (CARE) Team.

Campus Awareness Response and Education (CARE) Team>



Your visit to counseling will not be part of your academic record. All information, whether it is about you or one of your peers, will be kept confidential. Disclosure to any outside person, including friends or family, requires your prior written permission.

However, confidentiality will be broken if the clinician thinks you are a threat to yourself or someone else, if you disclose information about child or elder abuse, or if legal proceedings require disclosure of your counseling sessions, per state licensing laws.

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