Tasfia Kamal

Women's History Month Spotlight
Women from rutgers newark

RU-N Alumna, Class of 2018; Staff

She asks, “what can you do with what you are given?”  Following her mother’s example, this self-described social justice warrior uses her resources to make change in the world.

Tasfia Kamal has accomplished a lot.  She is optimistic and upbeat and it shows.  The 2018 Rutgers-Newark alumna is a native of Bangladesh who moved to the US with her family in 2011.  Just 11 years ago, Tasfia did not speak English and was wondering, “What is the SAT??” She quickly caught on and says that when she learned of Rutgers-Newark she knew it would be the right place for her. The diversity of the RU-N community made her feel special and at home, and, she says, she has “always felt like an in Newark, of Newark kind of person. 

Tasfia was a busy undergraduate, working three jobs at one point in an effort to pay her expenses, while exercising her leadership ability as the Treasurer and then President of RU-N’s South Asian Dance Team.  She excitedly recalls her desire to “do it all,” acknowledging that her parents had made a sacrifice to bring their children to the US, and that she wanted and needed to achieve to make them proud.  Tasfia’s post-RU-N plans to attend law school were set aside to focus on her family and spend time with her mother before she passed away. 

Now, Tasfia Kamal is a Business Assistant in the Accounting Office within Student Life and Leadership, fulfilling an essential role facilitating financial transactions for the RU-N student leadership community and advising them on the use of their funds.  When asked if she will one day pursue law school, Tasfia doesn’t rule it out, but she says that she loves her current role and the responsibility she has to lead “behind the scenes.”  She believes that she has much more to accomplish in Student Affairs at RU-N. 

Tasfia names several women, many at RU-N, as teachers, mentors and supporters throughout her life. She says Women’s History Month makes her think of her mother, and she feels that the month should highlight the path of women, particularly women of color. Tasfia advises students to be resourceful. She asks, “what can you do with what you are given?”  Following her mother’s example, this self-described social justice warrior also uses her resources to support women in Bangladesh. She is acutely aware of her responsibility to gain knowledge and give it back, and she’s honored by it. 

We are honored to have you, Tasfia, representing RU-N in the world!