Affinity celebrations are special events that are designed to recognize and honor the achievements of graduates from diverse cultural backgrounds. These celebrations are typically organized and led by students, with support from staff members, and are intended to provide a space where graduates can come together and celebrate their accomplishments while also highlighting their shared cultural traditions and community values.

While these celebrations are focused on graduates from specific cultural backgrounds, they are open to all Rutgers-Newark graduates who wish to participate. Pre-registration is required to attend these events, so interested graduates should make sure to register in advance to secure their spot. To find out when celebrations will be held, please click on the accordion items below: 

Celebration Dates & RSVPs

For current Rutgers-Newark students who are interested in getting involved in the planning and organization of these affinity celebrations, there are opportunities to serve on student planning committees. Students can reach out to the host student organization for the respective ceremony or contact the Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) for more information on how to get involved.

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