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All international students, scholars, and their dependents are legally required to report presence in the United States to the International Revenue Service (IRS) each year - even if you did not work or earn income - by submitting Form 8843.

If you have earned income in the United States, you may need to file federal and state tax returns. See below for information on when and how to file federal and New Jersey state taxes.

Please Note: The following information has been prepared to assist Rutgers University -Newark’s F and J visa holders to understand general tax filing obligations. OISS staff is neither licensed nor qualified to provide personalized tax advice. If you wish to be assured of having legal advice on taxes, or would like to have more detailed assistance, please consult the IRS or a qualified tax specialist. Be aware, however, that nonresident tax regulations are only a very small part of U.S. tax laws, so not all tax specialists are experts in nonresident tax matters. If you do work with a tax specialist, be sure to ask him or her what qualifications and experiences they have with nonresident taxes.  
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