Show Support

It’s not easy to know what to say if a friend comes to you for advice or assistance after a traumatic experience. But, there are ways you can help by participating in VPVA activities and programs. 

How Can I Get Involved? 

To help support the VPVA mission, you can 

  • Spread the word about our programming and events 

  • Attend or co-sponsor events 

  • Engage with our social media via Instagram and Facebook, @run_vpva  

  • Educate yourself on violence prevention and victim assistance Resources and Education 

  • Believe individuals when they come forward 

  • Ask for ways to bring VPVA to your organizations, classrooms, and other spaces to spread awareness 



How Can I Support Someone Impacted and Show I Believe? 

Those affected by sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking/harassment often hesitate to come forward for fear of judgment, or because of a lack of resources. If a friend, loved one, significant other, student or family member share their story with you, remember the following: 

  • Believe them 

  • Remind them it was not their fault 

  • Thank them for sharing their story with you 

  • Respond compassionately and non-judgmentally  

  • Ask them how you can best help/support them 

  • Offer resources to them if they ask 

  • Respect their privacy and their decisions 

  • Don’t pressure them to do what you think they “should” do  

For tips on how to offer support, or what to say, visit 

How Can I Help Someone in an Abusive Relationship? 

Keep in mind that, in the case of people in abusive relationships, they may leave their abusive partners only to return to them several times. Self-blame, fear, and denial may keep them from continuously seeking support, and they may become isolated and withdrawn for a while before reaching out for support again. Ask how you can help them, remain non-judgmental, and encourage them when they do feel ready to accept support. 


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