Narcan Nasal Spray is Available Across Rutgers Campuses

Naloxone, brandname Narcan, is a nasal spray medication used to rapidly reverse opioid overdose. Opioids (such as the prescription pain medication oxycodone or fentanyl) can stop breathing during an overdose. This can be fatal if not reversed. 

Naloxone is easy to administer, causes no harm, and works immediately. We encourage our Rutgers community to pick up Narcan at the locations below and carry it with them in case of emergency. 

Use the following steps and video to understand what to do and how to administer Narcan if you witness someone you think is experiencing an overdose.

You can't help if you're not prepared.


Where to get Narcan on Rutgers Campuses

Narcan Awareness

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Addiction Resources for Students

Alcohol and Drug Counseling (ADAP)

The Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) provides counseling and information for students who are concerned about their drinking or use of drugs, or those of a friend or family member. 

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